One Platform, Designed for Each Channel

Leverage the capabilities of Stip AI to empower your customer service team, enabling them to handle each request effortlessly and promptly – all without struggling through multiple pages.

Operational Excellence

Offer your CS team the possibility to manage each request quickly and easily without the need to navigate between pages.

Unified Data Platform

Automatically monitor, identify, and aggregate your customers' communications, inquiries, and requests across all digital channels. Visualize and oversee each interaction thanks to a unified data platform.

Ticket Merge

Determine if a customer is reaching out from different channels for the same issue. Seamlessly merge requests with a single click, effectively managing a unified ticket to eliminate operational errors and time waste.

Customer History

Retrieve the complete history of interactions with the customer, gaining a holistic perspective to efficiently manage tickets without redundant information requests.

Search and Display Filters

Tailor your filters for swift and straightforward ticket management. Internally route tickets and, if needed, seek assistance from other teams or operators—whether they are internal or external—streamlining your support processes.

History and Comments

Check out the history of a social media post or look at what users are saying in a review. Easily deal with requests using Stip AI, adjusting channel settings to match what customers like and make things smoother for operators.

Public to Private Transition

Automatically shift customer conversations from a public post to a private conversation in real time, eliminating the need of manual intervention from your operators.

Automated Privacy Management

Harness AI to automatically hide posts and public comments containing sensitive or policy-violating data, allowing your operators to save valuable time while respecting the channel structure.

Filters and Assignments

Activate bespoke display and search filters, and strategically assign tickets to operators or teams with optimal training for efficient handling, thereby maximizing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Do you want to discover the potential of our platform?

Revolutionize Ticket Management with Stip AI

Boost operational capabilities and provide your operators with a tool to make optimal decisions swiftly.

Explore cases similar to the ticket in process. Read how they were resolved and copy one or more activities with just a click.

Find the best response for the customer by analyzing company FAQs, internal documents, and similar tickets.

Automatically identify the main issue, subject, or other important elements in a request using Stip AI's advanced Named Entity Recognition (NER) tool.

Activate AI with a simple click to ask the customer, on any channel, for the necessary data to streamline their request, automatically populating ticket fields.