Reduction of Incoming Request Management Time by 80%

KIA Italy opts for Stip AI and Employs a Unified Tool for Communication with its Network of 270 Dealerships and the After-Sales Team



Company size:

+40.000 employees


Milan, Italy

Core features:

Internal ticketing

Web e mobile app proprietaria

OCR System

Data Collection and Routing with AI

KIA Italy Chooses a Unified Platform to Manage All Inbound and Outbound Requests

KIA Italy, part of KIA Motors Company, a South Korean automotive manufacturer, has opted to leverage Stip AI to improve and streamline communication and internal request management with its dealers, dealerships, and after-sales team.

Stip's Artificial Intelligence monitors all digital channels where the company is present, identifies assistance or information requests, automatically manages all simple requests (first-level) in real-time, and automates 70% of the process for handling more complex requests, leaving customer service operators to resolve the request in a single interaction with the customer.

Critical Points of Request Management for KIA Italy

With 270 dealers, dealerships, and franchises and a huge number of inbound and outbound contacts and requests with its internal employees, KIA Italy faces high costs and the enormous risk of a slow and cumbersome management process, compromising support quality.

Incoming requests are rarely complete with all the necessary information to handle them. Therefore, further email exchanges are necessary.

Incoming requests are not filtered or routed, and each operator receives and reads all communications, even those not directly related to their area of expertise.

Email threads are chaotic and can lead to information loss: there is no organized archive to search for specific information.

How Inbound and Outbound Request Management Has Changed with Stip AI

Ticket creation, data collection, and routing, even on-the-go
With Stip AI, dealers, dealerships, and employees of KIA Italy can submit tickets directly from the web and mobile platform, even while on the move. Tickets can be created from any channel: social media networks, WhatsApp, Stip's mobile and web apps, email, Telegram, and all other digital channels. Stip's AI asks KIA Italy's dealers only for the necessary data to handle each specific request, avoiding further contacts between the internal after-sales team and the dealers and partners. KIA Italy manages tickets in a single interaction, without the need to contact the person who submitted the request again.
OCR System for Automatic Vehicle Data Reading

Through the OCR system, KIA Italy's team no longer needs to manually transcribe complex and detailed data, such as license plates, chassis numbers, and serial numbers. This activity consumes a lot of time and is associated with the risk of errors, which can slow down the request management process. With Stip AI, simply take a photo and upload it to the platform. The system automatically enters the information into the ticket.

Some examples of documents managed by Stip AI's OCR system:

Identification documents

Customer codes, meter reading points, delivery points

License plates and chassis numbers

Vehicle registration and ownership documents

Insurance certificates

The Revolution of Incoming Requests for KIA Italy

Following the integration of Stip AI, KIA's dealers, dealerships, and employees can:

Submit tickets on the go with an OCR system for automatic completion of complex data

Use a proprietary mobile app to submit requests in complete privacy

Access an archive to search for all relevant tickets

Receive tickets and alerts of any kind from HQ

At the same time, the after-sales team can:

Manage requests from any channel in a single platform and interface

Receive tickets enriched with all the necessary information for immediate handling

Leverage an automatic categorization and dispatching system for requests

Send outbound communications or requests to dealers, dealerships, and employees from the same platform.

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