Maximize Your CRM's Power

Integrate Stip AI seamlessly into your business CRM within two weeks, ensuring a smooth process without disruptions to internal workflows.

Seamless Integration with all CRMs

Stip AI integrates effortlessly with any CRM, transforming every aspect of your customer service process:

Automatically generates tickets from incoming requests across digital or phone channels, linking them to specific accounts and call reasons.

Automates workflows for case management, prioritizing requests, and adding notes and reminders.

Speed up the management process for customer service operators by automatically filling out internal ticket fields and providing response suggestions.

Cutting-Edge Standalone Platform

Choose the Stip Platform for swift omnichannel expertise.
Empower your customer service team to efficiently prioritize and resolve issues, enhancing operational efficiency. Seamlessly integrate the platform with your CRM for smooth data transfer and improved accessibility of critical information across the company.