Omni-Channel Technology for Integrated Experiences

Support your customers across all channels. Enhance the effectiveness of your customer service team and provide a memorable service experience.

Stip AI Channels Unleashed

Dive into a world where all your channels effortlessly merge into a unified interface. With Stip AI, discover a cohesive gateway to all incoming content—whether public or private.
Use Stip's automated moderation to protect sensitive data, shift public discussions into private ones, automatically address common queries, and empower your operators to concentrate on the most impactful conversations.
Transform the email channel into a real-time hub, ensuring your customers experience the same speed and efficiency as other digital channels. Streamline workflows with an intuitive platform, response prompts, and references to similar cases.
Talk to customers where they like to talk. Help them quickly on WhatsApp, making personalized conversations that boost sales and conversion rates.
Connect with potential customers. Deliver automated responses on product availability and connect prospects with experts, turning support into a dynamic sales channel.
Understand customer opinions about your company and products. Automate replies and direct your operators' focus to handling the most impactful reviews for your business.
Transform your website into a valuable source of information and a safe space for customers. Enable 24/7 communication, offering assistance or crucial information.

Stip AI for your Phone support

Say goodbye to endless waits, IVR, and bottlenecks. Utilize AI's capabilities to reduce customer wait times, automatically identify callers, analyze requests, and gather necessary data.