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Bricocenter Integrates Stip AI and Boosts Potential Sales, Connecting Online Customers Directly with Physical Stores


Company size:

+2000 employees


Milan, Italy

Core features:

Warehouse System Integration

Multichannel Ticket Management

Proprietary Mobile App

Automatic Routing to Store

Real-time Assistance for Online and In-store Product Availability

Bricocenter Decentralizes Customer Care with Stip AI

For Bricocenter, a key player in retail specializing in construction, DIY, carpentry, gardening, decoration, lighting, and bathroom furnishings, it's crucial for customers to interact with highly qualified staff in-store. Customers trust the expertise and advice they receive from staff regarding the products they are looking for or have purchased.

However, it's also important to consider the challenge for in-store staff to simultaneously and optimally manage both in-store and online customer relationships. To address this, Bricocenter has opted to leverage the support of Stip AI.

In addition to automatically and in real-time resolving simple requests that do not require in-store staff intervention, it sends more complex requests to the store via a customized mobile app built for Bricocenter. The requests arrive on the app already categorized and equipped with all the necessary data and information to manage them easily.

Thanks to Stip's mobile application, Bricocenter store staff can directly engage with customers and respond to requests from any channel, using a single interface directly from their smartphone.

Reduced Management Times
Automatic and Real-time Management of all Simple Information Requests
Increased Sales Potential
Lead Identification and Transfer to a Store Sales Specialist
Improved Operational Performance
Data Collection for all Complex Requests and Pre-filled Ticket Routing to Stores
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Multi-channel Self-service Management for some services (e.g., order status) and in-store product availability search

What Bricocenter Can Do with the Stip AI App

Monitor contact channels and automatically handle simple requests

Stip AI uses its plug-ins to monitor all digital channels of interest to Bricocenter.
This activity allows for faster and smoother request management and less frustration for the end customer: no matter which channel they choose to communicate with Bricocenter, they won't be forced to repeat the same information to different operators or change channels (e.g., from Facebook to email).

In addition to enabling consistent multichannel management, Stip AI automatically and in real-time manages and resolves simple assistance or information requests without the need for operator or in-store staff intervention.

Integrate the warehouse system to offer real-time product availability

Without Stip AI:
To check the availability of a product in any Bricocenter store, the customer can:

Call the store

Go to the Bricocenter website and search for the store and product of interest

With Stip AI:

Customers can ask Bricocenter for the availability of a product using any contact channel (social media, web chat, WhatsApp, live chat) and receive an immediate response, made possible by integration with the warehouse systems.
Once they find the product of interest, they can:

Purchase it directly online

Chat with the store to ask for further details and reserve the product.

Management of Complex Requests and Ticket Routing to the Store

For the most complex requests that require human intervention, Stip’s AI interacts directly with the customer, asking for the necessary data and collecting information within the ticket.

Once the ticket is categorized, Stip AI routes it to the reference store, putting the customer directly in touch with the store staff who can quickly resolve the request and provide support, converting the request into a sale.

Decentralize request management via mobile app

Ticket Viewing, Notifications, and Viewing and Search Filters

Each Bricocenter store only views tickets within its purview and can create specialization areas, allowing staff to manage only certain types of requests.
Using filter systems, staff can view and search tickets by channel of origin, date, reason for contact, collected data, and much more.

Manage Tickets and Customer Response

On their smartphone, store staff can view all tickets received, regardless of the channel used by the customer, in a single interface.
They can chat with the customer, view data and information, and any attached files.
The Stip platform is extremely easy to use and customized for the company.

In some cases, changing contact channels is necessary. In these cases, with just one click, the operator or store staff can, for example, close a request on Facebook and send a discount code to the customer via email.

Organized Archive for Ticket Search and Statistics

All tickets are contained within an archive. In the archive, tickets can be searched by entry channel, sender, type of collected data, date range, ticket category, and much more.

Stip AI tracks activities and prepares a set of statistics, allowing the company to:

analyze the performance of various departments and staff

analyze the operations and performance of individual stores

understand the type and distribution of requests.

Customer Stories


Reduction of Management Time by 80%


Streamlining Customer Email Efficiency with Answer Suggestion

Step into the Future of Customer Service with Stip AI

If you're seeking innovation, a customized solution, and a team of experts to propel your company into the world of cutting-edge technologies, Stip AI is the ultimate choice.