Picture a New Era in Customer Service with Stip Gen AI

Imagine a world where customer service is quick, tailored, effective, and where technology works hand-in-hand with humans rather than taking over. Transform how you serve your customers with Stip Generative AI.

Most popular AI models

Automatic Archiving
Stip Gen AI automatically identifies and instantly archives spam and irrelevant content that does not require processing or isn't relevant to the customer service team.
Ticket Similarities
Stip Gen AI shows the operator similar tickets stored in the archive so they can see how similar cases have been resolved and copy one or all management activities with just one click.
Generative Response Suggestion

Stip Gen AI scans all tickets, gathers information from internal documents and similar cases and creates ready-to-use responses for operators, cutting down on management time.

Information Gathering
Stip Gen AI actively interacts with customers across any channel, autonomously gathering all necessary information and data to address their inquiries.
Info Retrieval
Stip Gen AI automatically and instantly scans any company document, product sheet, internal procedures file, and much more, enabling operators to access information quickly and easily.
Categorization by Triplets
Stip Gen AI categorizes incoming requests using a customized model based on company needs: from customer request, documents, information in the CRM, sender, recipient, and more.

Dynamic Content Moderation

Swiftly analyzes and categorizes incoming content, determining the most effective management approach.

Stip Gen AI automatically identifies and instantly archives spam and irrelevant content that does not require processing or isn't relevant to the customer service team.

Stip Gen AI forwards non-CS requests to the relevant team. Optimize the way your operators’ work, and give your customers specialized responses.

Stip AI identifies requests that can be handled automatically and sends quick, effective, and conclusive responses to the customer on any channel and at any time.

Stip Gen AI recognizes the trickier queries that need support from your agents. Streamlining the situation to make the problem-solving process smoother and faster.

Efficient Customer Information Retrieval

Facilitating the collection of customer information, Stip Gen AI automates data retrieval and simplifies management processes, ensuring swift and personalized responses.

Stip Gen AI quickly identifies simple requests that don’t need human assistance. By consulting internal systems, company documentation, and ticket history, it generates automated responses tailored to each case.

Stip Gen AI autonomously identifies customers by scanning text or attachments, even from external sources. It links requests with the correct account, ensuring a highly personalized service.

Stip Gen AI figures out the important information to solve customers’ issues. It can extract these data from the customer request and company's CRM and smoothly integrates it in tickets. This helps operators deal with the request in just one interaction with the end-customer

Stip Gen AI engages with customers on any channel, independently collecting all necessary information and data to manage their requests.

Ticket Creation
and Processing

Carefully examine the content of incoming requests, types of documents included, and relevant data, sorting them according to specific business needs.
Stip Gen AI autonomously categorizes incoming requests using a customized model tailored to business needs. It considers elements such as customer request and text documents, CRM information, sender or recipient details, and more.

Stip Gen AI sends automatically created categorized tickets to the company CRM or to the proprietary platform. It promptly assigns them to the operator or team most capable of handling them, in real time, following company guidelines.

Stip Gen AI automatically assigns priority levels to tickets, following company rules and using its emotion analysis model to decide how urgent they are.

Stip Gen AI effortlessly fills in ticket fields with all the needed information gathered on its own from the request. With Stip, every part of ticket processing is automatic and efficient.

Notes, Reminders, and Ticket Reopenings

Convert inquiries into notes, manage reminders, and reopen closed cases effortlessly with Stip Gen AI's targeted functionalities. Elevate the efficiency of your customer service and enhance the overall customer experience.

Stip Gen AI autonomously identifies if a new incoming request correlates with an ongoing case. In this instance, Stip AI convert it into a note, seamlessly linking it to the existing case.

Stip Gen AI recognizes whether an incoming communication is following up on an existing request, regardless of the channel used by the customer. It creates a reminder by assigning the request to the case already being processed.

Stip Gen AI identifies if a request is linked to a closed ticket. Depending on the management system, you can reopen the closed case or initiate a new case, emphasizing the connection with the previously handled ticket.

Ticket Translation, Suggested Responses and Similarities

Effortlessly uncover patterns, receive actionable insights, response suggestions, and seamlessly translate incoming tickets from any language.

Stip Gen AI digs into the ticket content, uncovering similar cases stored in the archive. This empowers operators to understand how comparable challenges were effectively handled and replicate management actions with a simple click.

Stip Gen AI looks at each ticket, gathers information from company documents and past similar cases, and creates ready-to-use responses for operators. This makes it easy for them to communicate quickly with customers and significantly cuts down on the effort and time spent on managing requests.

Stip Gen AI is proficient in all Romance languages. Tailored to your workflow preferences, it translates incoming tickets, allowing operators to respond in their native language. The response is then translated back to the customer in their preferred language.

Stip AI empowers your operators to access complex technical information with just one click. By consulting the company's document history, product sheets, internal procedure files, and other documents, it can provide operators with this information in real-time, speeding up customer request management.