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Unlocking the Potential of Stip AI

AI Models

Explore effective solutions provided by +15 Stip's AI models, crafted to fulfill a wide range of needs

Automated Training

Leverage automated training seamlessly integrated with all CRMs and technologies, eliminating resource-intensive processes.

Instant Deployment

Go live with your AI in a matter of days – without tying up your staff.

+80% Speed

Customize your support, cut processing times, and elevate Customer Experience with an impressive 80% speed boost.

x3 Productivity

Experience substantial productivity boosts by resolving 95% of incoming requests in just one interaction between the operator and the customer.

-70% Cost Efficiency

Enjoy more than 70% cost cut in customer service, while making operations more efficient.

Stip AI in action

Transform your workflow with a tailor-made AI solution developed in just a few days. Seamlessly integrated into all aspects of incoming requests handling, Stip Gen AI is the game-changer you've been waiting for.
Explore all Gen AI Models:

Customer Identification
Answer Suggestions
Ticket Similarities
Content Moderation
Information Gathering
Ticket Creation
Ticket Assignment

Maximized your CRM Power

Unleash the full potential of your CRM by seamlessly integrating Stip AI with your business systems. Boost operational efficiency by 300%, all without tying up your IT and customer service teams.

Exclusive Platform

Empower your operators to effortlessly handle incoming requests across any channel through a unified, user-friendly and AI-based platform

Customer Stories


+260 Sales Opportunities Every Month


Operational Performance Increase of 300%


Reduction of Management Time by 80%

Step into the Future of Customer Service with Stip AI

If you're seeking innovation, a customized solution, and a team of experts to propel your company into the world of cutting-edge technologies, Stip AI is the ultimate choice.